About Bill Kopp

Bill Kopp is a writer.

Author of two books, more than four thousand published pieces on popular music and dozens of alcoholic beverage features, Bill Kopp is a freelance writer-journalist with decades of experience penning profiles, marketing materials, in-depth researched features and more. His topics of interest are so wide that they cover everything from profiles of out-of-the-way dining experiences to a look at the personal storage business.

Some writers dabble: they write features in their spare time between other primary pursuits. Bill Kopp is a full-time writer; it's his gig. It's his life.

And he's available for hire. Check out these pieces plus the music- and liquor-focused one on his other site (or hey, just Google him, but note that he is NOT the L.A. based animator with the same name) and feel free to get in touch.

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