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Businesses large and small, wholesale and retail...they all have one thing in common. A need to communicate their message clearly and effectively to their intended audience.

Bill Kopp - web design, copywriting, marketing and PR services There are many ways to achieve this goal. New media (internet with search engine optimization and other electronic-based approaches); traditional media (print and other advertising); marketing and PR. And all these have one thing in common. Bill Kopp.

Bill provides full-service creative/marketing services for a discerning group of clients, mostly in the Southeastern USA and Europe. Details and examples can be found throughout this site. Links are above and below.

You are invited to contact Bill and discuss your needs. Welcome, and thank you for visiting.

Bill Kopp provides an array of creative services for professional, creative, businesses and corporations including web site design and maintenance; search engine optimization; marketing via new media; print-based marketing design and other marketing/public relations functions. He also provides expert marketing/PR services for musicians. Learn more or contact Bill Kopp to find out how you can avail yourself of his experience and expertise.


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